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We make reservations for scooters and cars, but not for quads. We would like to point out that for the rental of scooters with a displacement of more than 80 cc. A driving license is required. 

In almost all the Greek islands you can find QUADs/ATVs, i.e. those large 4-wheeled motorcycles, for rent. We would like to point out that these vehicles are difficult to drive, at least for those who do not already have a certain familiarity with this vehicle. One is led to think that having 4 wheels they are safer than a scooter, but in reality, being much less manageable and requiring particular driving, they are not.
We wish to publish this report as unfortunately QUADs have been involved in numerous accidents and the testimonies of those directly involved always focus on the fact that they lost control of the vehicle. 

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noleggio scooter

An A driving license is required

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noleggio auto

Prezzi da 30 a 70 Euro al giorno a seconda del modello, della stagionalitá e della durata del noleggio

Bici a pedalata assistita

noleggio bici

Prezzi da 10 a 30 Euro al giorno a seconda della stagionalitá e della durata del noleggio




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